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An Innovation & Acceleration program for hospitals and academia

The x.Hub is a leading force in healthcare innovation, committed to revolutionizing how hospitals, academia, and startups in Slovakia create and implement cutting- edge solutions. We specialize in identifying and supporting high-potential projects from their earliest stages, offering essential resources, expert guidance, and comprehensive management methodologies. Our services include organizing research efforts, enhancing hospital infrastructure, and ensuring seamless collaboration across all innovation initiatives, helping to turn groundbreaking ideas into practical realities.

Whether you're leading advancements in a medical and academic institution or powering a startup with innovative health solutions, the x.Hub is designed to amplify your impact through strategic support and practical interventions.

Who are you?

Hospitals and Academia

Leverage our expertise to conduct thorough assessments of your current projects and research initiatives. We help you identify and prioritize projects with the greatest potential, providing access to mentoring and hands-on support to turn these ideas into impactful solutions.

Discover how to awaken internal innovation, push the development of POCs and prototypes, and explore new revenue models including digitization for data sales and paid clinical trials.


Tap into x.Hub's dynamic ecosystem to enhance your business strategies and accelerate your market entry.

Enjoy benefits like structured mentorship, access to hospital pilots for real-world testing, and direct connections to a network rich in healthcare stakeholders and funding opportunities across Slovakia and the world.

Join x.Hub today and become part of a global movement reshaping the future of healthcare through innovation.