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The Center for Innovative Healthcare is a non-governmental organization operating as a European digital innovation hub ("EDIH"). Our goal is to support structural reforms, innovations and digital transformation of the healthcare sector in Slovakia in order to increase its quality and efficiency.


Advanced technological solutions

With the support of experts, we will help you identify your needs, design a specific, tailor-made solution, and implement a suitable innovation.


Creation of innovative projects

We coordinate the creation of new projects - from the search for resources and inspiration, through the development of project documentation, to complex implementation.


Networking and policy making

We are creating a space for everyone who wants to participate in the digital transformation of healthcare in Slovakia.


By 2025, the Center for Innovative Healthcare will create a network including all key Slovak companies and public institutions supporting modern healthcare solutions. Our test, development and implementation capacities will ensure the digital transformation of healthcare, which results from will be a significant improvement in healthcare not only in Slovakia.

As a single point of contact, the center will connect key partners in the healthcare sector. Currently, the center has more than 65 individual clients and their number is still growing.

In accordance with EU4Health 2021-2027, the main goal of the center is to improve and support health in the Union - prevention of diseases, health promotion, and international health initiatives.

Use of existing innovative digital tools and services, support of digital transformation, improving access to health care.


The Center for Innovative Healthcare was founded by experts on healthcare, the functioning of public policies and the creation of healthcare business models with aim to create a stable organization supporting our vision of healthcare in the 21st century.

Michal Ivantyšyn


Samuel Arbe

CEO, Center for innovative healthcare

Martina Antošová

Head of Department of Biomedical Research and Clinical Studies, University hospital Martin

Peter Musil

Head of project center, Comenius University

Tatiana Pekarčíková

Project & Finance coordinator, APEL

Simona Škulcová

Event coordinator